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Based in the great state of Oklahoma, Home Decor International has been selling animal hide rugs for over 25 years. We started out selling sheepskin rugs, then expanded to cowhide, antler furniture and cowhide accessories--including cowhide rug--over the last 15 years. As a result of these decades of experience, we have become experts in the field and pride ourselves on the quality of our hides, the craftsmanship of our suppliers and the beauty of the rugs we sell. We believe so firmly in these products that we've decorated our own homes with cowhides and cowhide rug.

Over the years, the staff at Home Decor International has acquired a deep knowledge of the cowhides industry, which has allowed us to identify those suppliers that provide the best hides and animal skins. Our sheepskins are purchased from the best farmers in New Zealand and Australia, while our cowhides come from the finest tanneries in Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

We are also confident that the cowhide rugs, bedding and furniture we sell to you were sourced and assembled responsibly and sustainably. We take issues relating to environmentalism and conservation very seriously, and it's our priority to ensure that the products we sell to you were procured ethically. Our cowhides, sheepskins and goatskins are all by-products of the food industry.

When you're looking for a natural, rugged and rustic look for your home, cabin or hunting lodge, there really is no substitute for the cowhides, cowhide rugs, and cowhide furniture we have at Home Decor International. If you have any questions about these cowhide rug products or about our company, please feel free to give us a call today at (800) 591-4235! We're always here to help, and we look forward to helping you fill your home with our exceptional cowhides and cowhide rug products!

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