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Cow Hide area rugs / Cow Hide area rug
Premium Brazilian Cowhides: 
These are the most unique & unusual designs.
Exotic!    Rare!

One of a kind in color and design!
rare, exotic, one-of-a-kind Brazilain cowhides

Over 100 to choose from!

These are the ACTUAL cowhides we send you.

Premium Brazilian Cowhides:
These hides are common
Category Rugs.

FREE ground shipping to business addresses
in the continental USA.

premium Brazilian cowhides in the most popular colors

Blacks, Browns, Brindles
We will send you a SIMILAR looking cowhide.
(these are not the ones sent)
Less Expensive Hides- Argentine & Columbian:
Perfect to just get the  look & feel of a cowhide.
FREE ground shipping to business addresses
in the continental USA.
less expensive Argentine and Columbian cowhides

Over 75 to choose from!
These are the ACTUAL cowhides we send you.
Designer Cowhide Rugs:
Custom Made
we can make your designer cowhide rug in any size and color

Custom made any size!
Designer Cowhide Rugs:
these designer rugs are ready for immediate shipping

4'x6' - 6'x8' Cowhide Rugs:
These are ready to ship!

these cowhides are drastically discounted for different reasons

Up to 50% off!
Small Calfskins:
Many to choose from!
calfskins and calfskin rugs

Many to choose from!
Solid White, Cream & 
Light Cowhides
natural white, creamy white and light palomino Brazilian cowhides

Absolutely Beautiful!
Cowhide Furniture:
Animal Print Ottomans
cowhide and zebra ottomans

New Arrivals!
Dyed Cowhides: 
Solids & Black & White
dyed solid colored and dyed black and white cowhides

13 Colors Available!
Laced Cowhides:
Round & Rect. Designs
laced round cowhide rugs laced round cowhide rugs
Choose from these sizes:
38"    58"  76"

laced rectangular cowhide rugs
Stenciled Cowhides:
Zebras, tigers & more!
stenciled animail print Brazilian cowhides-zebras, leopards, tigers and jaquars
19 Different Prints!

We guarantee you will love our products or we will gladly refund your entire purchase price!

Welcome to our showroom!

We are thrilled you are visiting. Step inside and enjoy our  unbelievably beautiful and luxurious fur rugs (including sheepskin rugs, lambskin rugs, alpaca rugs, fur bedspreads, wool area rugs and throw rugs).

World's Finest Fur Rugs!

Fur Rugs International has been selling the world's finest sheepskin and alpaca rugs for over eighteen years.

During this time, we have bought from nearly every major fur rug supplier. As a result, we have been able to find those suppliers which carry the very best sheepskin and alpaca fur rugs and products at the very best prices!

Three Different Kinds of Fur

Part of our fur rug line consists of New Zealand and Australian sheepskins and lambskins- the softest, most luxurious sheepskin rugs one will find anywhere. Made by world famous G.L. Bowron, LTD, each one makes for a breathtaking and stunning area rug or fireplace rug. Large ones will make for fabulous bedspreads!

You will also find many intricately handcrafted South American sheepskin and alpaca rugs of many of your favorite collectibles.

Along with a number of solid colored alpaca area rugs, we have many patterned and geometric sheepskin and alpaca designs, including: Southwest designs, wolves, huskies, dolphins, elephants, pandas, koalas, teddy bears, huskies, cats, dogs, deer, and many, many more.

Each one of these sheepskin and alpaca rugs will make ideal accent rugs or wall hangings.

By-products of the Food Industry

All of our products are either by-products of the food industry or have come from animals that have died naturally. None of our products ever come from animals that have been killed strictly for the fur or wool.

A Sense of Quality and Luxury

Sheepskin and alpaca fur rugs add a sense of quality and luxury that few other products can provide. They also have a special intrigue to them. Who hasn’t envisioned a romantic evening in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night, snuggling on a luxurious fur rug?

As with all of our sheepskin and alpaca furs, pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how unbelievably luxurious these magnificent furs actually are. You simply must experience them for yourselves by feeling, touching, and caressing them. Only then can these spectacular sheepskin and alpaca furs be fully appreciated.

A more detailed description of our furs is found below, and follows the explanation of our two new product lines.

Two Brand New Product Lines

In addition to our fur rug line, we are very excited about our two new product lines: a luxurious designer mink blanket line and a designer area rug line. (Items in both product lines will also make ideal wall hangings.)

The Softest, Most Beautiful Mink Blankets Anywhere!

Our new Saudi Arabian mink blanket line consists of 15 different styles of some of the softest and most luxurious  blankets you will find anywhere! We have, frogs, dolphins, parrots, leopard prints, zebra prints, white tigers, black panthers, lions, wolves, suns and moons, unicorns, and many more.

You simply will not believe how soft and cuddly our mink blankets are! Although Japan and Korea make some very nice blankets, we honestly believe that no other blanket line can compare, especially when you consider the beautiful and unique designs we have. ; not the "mink" blankets from Korea; not the San Marcos blankets from Mexico; not even the blankets from Ibena, Biederlack or Fingerhut!

Unique Decorative Area Rugs

Our other new product line consists of a wide variety of area rugs that will suite any setting and any environment.

Exclusive Quality Line from Belgium

his includes an exclusive, fashionable line of rugs from Belgium, in 3 sizes, that will give any setting a sense of quality and beauty.

Over 30 of the Most Popular Collectible Themes

We also have beautiful inexpensive rugs with over 30 of the most popular designs on them, that are perfect for accent area rugs or wall hangings.

These designs include: dolphins, dragons, tropical frogs, parrots, leopard prints, zebra prints, white tigers, suns and moons, lions, elephants, and much, much more!

New Zealand / Australian Natural Shaped Sheepskins (Area Rugs and Bedspreads)

Our natural shaped sheepskin rugs are made from Australian and New Zealand sheepskins - the softest, thickest, and most luxurious in the world!

They are made by New Zealand's world renowned G.L. Bowron, the leading manufacturer of fine sheepskin products.

Each of these spectacular, breathtaking sheepskin rugs are made of single New Zealand and Australian sheepskins that are at least 2 1/2 inches in depth. All five sizes are made of multiple skins skillfully matched for size and color to produce the softest, thickest, most luxurious sheepskin rugs found anywhere!

Lying or sitting on these luxurious sheepskin rugs is truly an unforgettable experience

Hand-crafted South American Sheepskin Animal / Geometric Designs

These exquisite, handcrafted sheepskin rugs/wall hangings come from the high peaks of the Andes Mountains in South America. The soft, beautiful sheepskin pieces that you see here come from merino sheep that live in this land of mystery and enchantment.

Each one of these magnificent sheepskin rugs is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade (no two sheepskin rugs are exactly the same) by some of Bolivia’s finest leather craftsmen, some of whom are actual descendants of the ancient Inca Indian civilization.

From generation to generation, these world-renowned craftsmen have continued to perfect this art of fur crafting. As a result, collectors and decorators the world over seek them out for their incomparable quality and exquisite beauty.

We have over forty-five sheepskin designs, divided into five categories: (southwest, wolves and huskies, cats, bears (koalas, pandas and teddy bears) and miscellaneous designs( these miscellaneous designs also include geometric designs).

They are ideal for either accent rugs, fireplace rugs or wall hangings and can make one of the most unusual gifts you or you loved ones have ever received.

Alpaca Rugs and Bedspreads

Unfortunately, the design in these solid alpaca rugs is difficult to see in the pictures.  A close look would reveal a fascinating collage of whole and partial pelts, intricately and expertly sewn together, making for a very unique product.

Alpaca fur (or wool) comes from the alpaca animal, which lives 14,000 feet up in the Andes Mountains of South America, making it one of the highest living animals.

Alpaca fur is known to be one of the softest, most luxurious furs in the entire world! It's incredible softness truly defies description! It is also one of the warmest natural fibers in the world.

Each one of these magnificent alpaca fur rugs is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade (no two of these alpaca rugs are exactly the same) by Bolivia’s finest leather craftsmen, some of whom are actual descendants of the ancient Inca Indian civilization. As stated earlier in the section “Sheepskin Rugs and Wall Hangings”, these world-renowned craftsmen have perfected this art of fur crafting. As a result, collectors and decorators the world over seek out these alpaca rugs for their incomparable quality and exquisite beauty.

Being thin and lightweight, our alpaca furs make ideal bedspreads or comforters. However they also are perfect for “light traffic” area or fireplace rugs.

In Conclusion

Once again, thanks so much for visiting! We truly are appreciative that you have spent your time with us. Please let us know if we can do anything for you.

You can call us on our toll free number, 1-866-800-7847, if you have any questions.

In addition to these products, we have an extensive selection of cowhide, cowhides, cowhide rug, and cowhide rugs products. Our cowhide rugs are made from cowhides from Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina. You are certain to find the cowhides and cowhide rugs to add to your home.
Click here for additional information on cowhides and cowhide rugs.

Cowhide rugs from FurRugs.com--only the best!

Thanks again!

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