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Argentine and Colombian Designer Rugs
All of the custom Argentine and Colombian cowhide rugs displayed below are in our warehouse and available for immediate shipping. Argentine custom cowhide rugs are a great alternative to the more expensive custom Brazilian rugs that we make.

Even though the quality of Brazilian and Argentine or Colombian cowhides that are used for custom rugs is basically the same, there are several noted differences between rugs from these two countries.

The main differences between Brazilian and Argentine or Colombian rugs are price and type of stitching. Argentine rugs usually cost at least 30% less per square foot than our Brazilian rugs. Concerning the stitching used, Argentine rugs have a standard visible angled stitch while Brazilian custom rugs are made using what is called an invisible stitching technique. The edges of adjoining squares are folded under and then somehow sewn together where the stitching is not readily visible, thus the term, invisible stitching.

While the rugs pictured here are the exact ones that you would be getting and are immediately available for shipping, we can custom make most of these in any size that you wish. Production time generally is 8-10 weeks. The cost will be $14.95 per square foot, with shipping being whatever UPS charges.

Please call our toll free number, 1-800-591-4235, to discuss a custom rug.
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