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cowhides pillows / cowhides pillow


*PLEASE NOTE that all pillows are photographed without stuffing but are stuffed with polyfill before shipping.

We specialize in "matched" cowhide pillow sets, pillows that actually come from the same cow. You can either buy one of these "matched pairs" or buy pillows separetely.

All of our pillows are made from Brazilian cowhides, unquestionably the finest quality cowhides in the world. Every pillow is very soft, unlike many others that can actually be quite stiff. In addition, there isn't any unpleasant smell from tanning solutions that other pillows commonly have.

Pillows can come in either with cowhide on both sides or cowhide on the front with some type of leather on the back. Each pillow's description should indicate either "one-sided" or "two-sided".

Please understand, as with almost all natural cowhide products, most cowhide pillows will have some indications that they are natural animal skins. This can be indicated by marks, scrapes and even an occasional small hole, cut or bare spot. These are not defects, but simply indications that one is dealing with natural animal products.

Pillows are available in the standard 15"-16" and 19"-20" unstuffed sizes that most all cowhide pillows come in. Stuffing the pillows with polyfill will decrease the actual size anywhere from 3-4 inches.

Except for the common colors such as black and white, brown and white and the brindles, almost all the pictures show the actual pillows that you will be buying.

Shippng charges indicated are per pillow.

Cowhides-Pillows-16-inch Animal Prints
Cowhides-Pillows-20in Singles & Pairs-
**Special Sale**

Regular Price $89.95 - Sale Price $164.95 Up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-Brindles,Blacks,Brown Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-Exotics,Tricolors
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-Brindles,Blacks,Brown
$49 and up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-Exotics,Tricolors
$49 and up
Cowhides-Pillows-20in Singles Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-Brindles,Blacks,Browns
Cowhides-Pillows-20in Singles
Sale Price $74 and Up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-Brindles,Blacks,Browns
these pairs cost $89 and up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-Exotics,Tricolors Cowhides-Pillows-20in Pairs
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-Exotics,Tricolors
these pairs cost $98 and up
Cowhides-Pillows-20in Pairs
these pairs cost $178 and up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-<br>**Special Sale** Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-<br>**Special Sale**
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Singles-
**Special Sale**

Sale Price $39.95 and Up
Cowhides-Pillows-15in Pairs-
**Special Sale**

Regular Price $149.90 - Sale Price $59.90 Up
Cowhides-Pillows-Stars Cowhides-Pillows-Stars, Longhorns, Texas

$69 and Up

Cowhides-Pillows-Stars, Longhorns, Texas
Regular Price $69 - Sale Price $49
Cowhides-Pillows-Custom Designer Leather Pillows
Cowhides-Pillows-Custom Designer Leather Pillows

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