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We are thrilled that you are visiting. Please step inside and enjoy our many unique home furnishings. First, for that rustic look, we have premium quality Brazilian cowhide rugs. It is commonly known that a Brazilian cowhide rug is, without question, the softest, finest quality cowhide rug in the world. While some people will use their cowhide rugs as wall hangings, many more will use these same cowhides for functional but decorative cowhide rugs. Our cowhides are available in either full, natural shaped cowhides or in a variety of patterned, “rectangular shaped” patchwork cowhide rugs. We can also have South America’s finest cowhide rugs craftsmen “custom make” any size and any color patchwork cowhide rug that you wish. Cowhide rugs from FurRugs.com!

Secondly, we carry many beautiful sheepskin fur rugs for those looking to add a sense of elegance to their surroundings. Sheepskins make for stunning accent pieces. Thirdly, we handle plushacrylic mink blankets, in over 6 colors and in at least 30 different animal designs including animal prints, leopards, zebras, tigers, wolves, black panthers, dolphins, and many, many more. Finally, we have a line of decorative area rugs with 20 of the exact same designs.

Unfortunately, words and pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how beautiful each one of these items truly is: from a rustic cowhide to an elegant sheepskinto a soft, cuddly Korean mink blanket, you will find each one of our products to be a wonderful addition to your home. You simply must “experience” these products for yourselves to fully appreciate what we are saying.

We have Been in Business for Over 20 Years!

FurRugs.com: selling FurRugs, Cowhide Rugs, Cowhides, and sheepskin fur rugs for over twenty years. We started selling Brazilian cow hides over 12 years ago. During this time, we have bought from nearly every major cow hide fur rug supplier. Not only have we found those suppliers with the best quality cow skin fur rugs, but we have also found those suppliers with the best prices!

In addition to our long standing fur rug lines, we have carried the highest quality acrylic mink blankets for over 10 years.

Our New Mink Blanket Lines

We have over 40 different acrylic “mink” blankets made out of some of the softest acrylic in the world! We have the finest mink blankets from Korea, China and the Middle East.

Mink” blankets are not all created equal! Most companies will not pay a little extra for the superior quality blankets that we primarily have. As a result the vast majority of mink blankets found on line are low quality blankets. Most low quality blankets will not look or feel nice after they are washed multiple times. Ours will look like new even after many washings!

Wait till you see and feel one of ours! There simply is very little comparison. It’s all in the quality of the acrylic. For detailed information on our mink blankets, please click on the “Mink Blankets” or our “Unmatched Quality” link in the navigational bar.

A Sense of Quality and Luxury

Sheepskin fur rugs add not only a sense of quality and luxuriousness but also a “special intrigue” that few other products can provide. Who hasn’t envisioned a romantic evening in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night, snuggling up on a luxurious fur rug?

As with all of our sheepskin furs, pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how fabulous these magnificent furs actually are. You simply must experience them for yourselves by feeling or touching one to fully appreciate what we are saying.

(For a more detailed descriptions of all of our fur rugs and bedspreads, please click on the “unmatched quality” link in the navigational bar.)

By-products of the Food Industry

All of our cowhide rugs and sheepskin fur rugs and bedspreads are either by-products of the food industry or have come from animals that have died naturally. None of our products ever come from animals that have been killed strictly for their fur or wool.

Our Sheepskin Fur Rugs are Divided into Three Categories

Specifically, we have New Zealand and Australian sheepskin rugs and bedspreads, and hand-crafted South American sheepskin rugs.

New Zealand “Natural Shaped” and “Rectangular” Sheepskin Rugs and Bedspreads

Our “natural-shaped” and “rectangular” rugs and bedspreads are made out of New Zealand and Australian sheepskins and lambskins. These are unquestionably some of the thickest, softest, most luxurious sheepskin rugs and bedspreads one will find anywhere.

Each sheepskin makes for a breathtaking fur area rug or fireplace rug. In addition, large ones make for fabulous sheepskin bedspreads or couch throws! Sitting or lying on one is unforgettable!

Hand-crafted South American Sheepskin Rugs with All your Favorite Designs

You will also find over 8 different handcrafted South American sheepskin rugs with designs of many of your favorite collectible themes on them. These designs include: Southwest designs, wolves, huskies, elephants, pandas, koalas, teddy bears, huskies, cats, and many, many more.

Hand-crafted by World Renowned Craftsmen

Each one of our magnificent sheepskin fur rugs is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade by Bolivia’s finest leather craftsmen, some of whom are actual descendants of the ancient Inca Indian civilization.

Additional Information

For a more detailed description of all of our fur rugs and bedspreads, please click on the “unmatched quality” link or on the various links in the navigation bar.

The Softest, Most Beautiful  Mink Blankets Anywhere!

Our new “mink” blankets are some of the softest and most luxurious blankets in the entire world! They consist of not only a number of solid colors, but also over 30 different designs of today’s most popular collectible themes including: leopard prints, zebra prints, white tigers, black panthers, lions, wolves, unicorns, flowers, and many more. 

You simply will not believe how soft and beautiful our “mink” blankets are! They truly are unlike the majority of mink blankets that most other companies have.

Unfortunately, words and pictures will never reveal this. One simply must touch and experience ones of these mink blankets for themselves to fully appreciate what we are saying. The incredibly soft, plush acrylic fibers, the rich, vibrant colors, the beautiful designs, the luster and the sheen of the material… all help to make our blankets truly unforgettable.

Even though Korea and China make some high end blankets (we carry many of them) the vast majority of Korean and Chinese “mink” blankets cannot compare with our blankets. Neither can Mexico’s San Marcos or Novatex blankets nor blankets from Ibena, Beiderlack or Fingerhut compare overall to our blankets in quality and designs.

Remember FurRugs.com for all your FurRugs, Cowhide Rugs & Cowhides and cow hide rugs products.  You will not find finer cow hides and cow hide rugs anywhere else!  Let us be your first and last stop for cow hide, cow hides, cow hide rug and cow hide rugs products.

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