Custom Cowhide Rugs: More to choose from than anyone on the market!

The best source for your Custom Cowhide Rugs! All of our Custom Cowhide Rugs are from South America. Most every cowhide comes from either Argentina, Brazil, or Colombia the three countries that are known to produce the finest quality cowhides in the world. Each one of these magnificent cowhide area rugs is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade (no two are exactly the same).  Not only do we have over 600 pictures of cow hides to choose from, but we can make custom patchwork and stitched cowhide rugs for you in any size!   We know of no other website that even comes close in offering you so many choices of premium quality cowhides. Custom Cowhide Rugs from We have only the best hand selected Brazilian cowhide rugs, animal skin rugs and cowhide products . We stock over 3500 cowhides for a great selection of both natural hair on hides and stenciled animal print hair on hides.

These Cowhide Rugs are not only amazingly beautiful but they are very easy to care for. Simple soap and water on a sponge will cover most problems. Steam cleaning your cowhide will also work, just be careful not to get water on the leather on the back of the hide.