Closeouts Brazilian Cowhides

Please note: These Brazilian cowhide rugs are the actual hides you will be receiving. Because of this, there is only one of each of these cowhides. As a result, you will not be able to purchase multiple quantities of these products. Our normal price on these Brazilian hides generally ranges from $229-$479.

These hides can be in this closeout category for any one of several different reasons. In some cases, we may simply have too many of them. On the other hand, some may not be as soft as other hides while still others may have more than the usual amount of marks, brands, patching, seams or sewing in them. Still others may not be as thick or may have an unusual shape to them.  95% of all cowhides have patching and sewing in them. These things are just part of “being a cow”, however some hides may have more than others or may be more noticeable.

These cowhide rugs are perfect for the person who wants the “look” of a cowhide but just doesn’t want to spend the extra money that they would normally cost. At the same time, please don’t think that these hides are defective to the point where they would not be any different from the hides found in stores. Any one of these hides could easily be the EXACT SAME HIDE that you would find in a store costing hundreds of dollars more. Stores simply do not have hundreds of hides to choose from as we do.