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We Have Been in Business for Over 20 Years

Welcome to www.furrugs.com, part of Home Decor International, Inc., an Oklahoma based business that has been selling the world’s finest home decor products for over twenty years. In addition to cowhides and other cowhide related products, www.furrugs.com carries a number of other product lines, including sheepskins, alpaca fur, goat skins, synthetic area rugs and acrylic, “faux” mink blankets.

We simply had too many products for one website, so we decided to have separate websites for our 3 main product lines: cowhides, fur rugs, and acrylic mink blankets. Even though www.furrugs.com has been selling cowhides for years, and will continue to do so, www.cowhidesinternational.com is now our exclusive cowhide rugs and “cowhide related” website.

The Very Best Products at the Very Best Prices!

During the 20 plus years that we have been in business, we have bought from nearly every major importer of cowhides, sheepskin, alpaca fur, and acrylic mink blankets. As a result, we have been able to find those suppliers that carry the very best products at the best prices!

By-Products of the Food Industry

All of our cowhides are by-products of the food industry. None of our products ever come from animals that have been killed strictly for the fur, wool or leather.

We Carry All Sorts of Cowhide Related Products

Besides our cowhides, we also offer other cowhide related products, including cowhide pillows, calfskins, table runners, and cowhide furniture. One can now buy matching cowhide pillows to go along with their cowhide rug.

We Carry The World’s Finest Chromium Tanned Cowhides

Every country in the world produces cowhide rugs, however it is universally known that the finest “hair-on” cowhides come from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. All three countries have perfected chromium tanning which is far and away the best way to tan a cowhide. Properly chromium tanned cowhide rugs will last many years.

Brazil’s tanning process actually produces a softer cowhide rug, which makes them more desirable when one wants just the full cowhide. On the other hand, Argentina’s slightly stiffer tanning process can often be better suited when making up a large cowhide rug used specifically for an area rug.

Our cowhide rug and cowhide rugs products are of extraordinary value and reasonably priced.

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