Refund Policies

Refund Policy & Our Risk-Free Guarantee!

The vast majority of our customers love our products as very few people ever return what they have bought. In the 18 years that we have been in business, we have had less than a 1% return rate, which is quite extraordinary in this industry. In addition, most of those are due to either a “size” or a “color” conflict as opposed to a “quality” problem.

However, for those rare situations that customers do decide to return their items, we have the following refund policies. They will depend on the type of product you have bought and whether or not it was shipped to one of the 48 contiguous United States or whether it was shipped somewhere else.
Before returning your product, please follow the instructions in red at the bottom of this page. Deviation from these instructions may prevent you from receiving a proper credit.


Except for white and creamy white cowhides, all cowhides that we have actually photographed and placed on line as the actual hides that we send, will have a 30 day time period from the time of delivery to be returned. These generally will have an actual 3 or 4 digit number assigned to them…for example, B790 or A1124. These are so uncommon that we can easily sell them to someone else very quickly. On the other hand, the white and creamy white hides that we photograph are even more rare, so these must be returned within 5 days of delivery so we can sell them to someone else.

All other items not specifically mentioned here will also have a 30 day from delivery period to return the item. To be resalable and to get a refund, the cowhide must be folded the way we sent it to you to prevent unnecessary crease marks. Please call us to find out how to fold them before you return your order. All this is to keep people from folding the hide “every which way” resulting in folds and creases that will probably never completely come out.

Please Note: Any hide that has been cut, trimmed, altered, or used for upholstery cannot be returned or exchanged.  In addition, any hide that was sent directly to an upholstery shop without being inspected by our customer cannot be returned or exchanged.

Calfskins And Cowhide Pillows

Our calfskins and cowhide pillows can be returned anytime within 30 days from the time of delivery.

Custom Cowhide Ottomans

Since most of our ottomans are custom made to a customer’s own specifications, they are not returnable for any refund. Our guarantee is that each custom ottoman is made only from the finest materials and built to last a lifetime with proper care. Please keep in mind that with anything custom made, one must have some flexibility in the final product concerning color, design and overall size. It is particularly important to have flexibility concerning overall height since it is all but impossible to get an exact height due to the compression nature of foam rubber. As a result, one can expect up to a one or two inch difference in overall height from what a customer might have ordered. Unless one can have this overall flexibility, It may be best not to order one of these ottomans since they are not returnable.

Designer Custom Made Rugs

Since custom rugs are made to order in a particular size and color, there can be no refunds or exchanges once production starts. Our guarantee to you is that your rug or bedspread will be of superior quality, made by expert craftsmen and easily within the color range that we have agreed on.

Since most of the squares are cut out by hand, some variance in sizes is to be expected.

Again, once we begin actual production, there will be no refund. However, one can cancel their order up to the point that we begin gathering the hides or skins. Up to this time, a customer can cancel their order and only pay a 15% pre-production fee.

Before You Return Your Order

Please carefully follow these instructions when returning your order to enable us to properly credit your account. Since emails can go “undelivered”, our company cannot guarantee proper credit if a customer simply emails us about returning a product rather than calling for  instructions.  As a result, please do not email us concerning any return. Once we receive the product in resalable condition, you will then be issued a credit, generally within 4-5 business days.

Since we can ship products from different places, you must make sure you have the proper return address by calling our toll free number at 1-800-591-4235.

You may use either UPS, Federal Express or the post office to make the return. You must also insure the package for the item’s purchase price and have a receipt for the transaction.

All returned items must be in resalable condition. When returning cowhides one must call us for instructions in properly folding a cowhide.

Please note that a refund will not be issued if a cowhide or calfskin is not folded properly resulting in creases that can make the hide not sellable.

Actual shipping and handling costs incurred in shipping your item will be deducted from your total purchase price before issuing a credit. This applies to all orders, including orders that had “free shipping”.  This also applies to packages that were either refused or not delivered because someone was not present to accept it. In addition, any Customs fees incurred on international orders that were refused or not delivered because the customer was not available, will be subtracted from the purchase price before issuing a credit.

Lastly, any items that are purchased for shows, parties or special events are not refundable. We have actually had customers purchase pieces to show at a party for an evening and then try to return them.