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Cowhide Rug area rugOur sheepskins, mink blankets, cowhides and area rugs are unquestionably the finest of their kind. To find out more about a particular product, such as our cowhides or a particular mink blanket, click on the respective category below.


Rest assured that every cowhide we sell is of the highest quality. Nicer cowhides simply do not exist. Most every cowhide comes from either Argentina, Brazil, or Colombia the three countries that are known to produce the finest quality cowhides in the world.

Each one of our “animal print” cowhides is actually stenciled onto a cowhide. The leather is very supple and not stiff like many cowhides. In addition, there is no unpleasant smell that can come from the tanning chemicals that are so often present in other cowhides.

Premium Cowhide OttomanConcerning product care, cowhides are very easily cared for. Simple soap and water on a sponge will cover most problems. Steam cleaning your cowhide will also work, just be careful not to get water on the leather on the back of the hide.

Our cowhide, cowhides, cowhide rugs, and cowhide rug products will enhance the beauty of your home or office.

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Mink Blankets / Throws

50-60inThrowsOur mink blanket lines consist of many different colors and over 30 different popular collectible designs of some of the softest and most luxurious blankets you will find anywhere! In addition to our solid colors, we have dolphins, tigers, lions, leopards, zebras, black panthers, wolves, unicorns, and many more.
What makes our acrylic mink blankets so plush? It’s the fiber! The quality of a blanket is mostly determined by the quality of its fiber. Even though all manufacturers have access to superior acrylic, most manufacturers use lower priced acrylic to lower the cost of the blanket. Most of the cost of a blanket is determined by the cost of the material. Lower priced acrylic, and subsequently, lower priced blankets result in lower quality blankets.

Even though most people determine quality by softness, there are more important characteristics that determine quality. The true key to quality is what the blanket looks like after if has been washed a number of times.

Blankets made from superior acrylic will look like new even after many, many washings. They will not fade, shrink, “draw” up at the borders, or exhibit any other characteristic that lower priced, poorer quality blankets will have.

Our two product lines both use superior quality acrylic. Whether our blankets come from Korea or Germany, each one will look like new after many, many washings. And again, this “wash ability” factor is the true mark of quality, assuming the blanket looks nice and is unusually soft.

Throws-AnimalPrintCollage-150hAs a side note, many of our “premium” grade animal designs along with a complete line of solids available in four sizes, are made from acrylic from Germany’s world famous Bayer Manufacturing Company, producers of “Dralon” acrylic, internationally recognized as some of the softest, most luxurious blanket acrylic fiber in the world! (Bayer textile Company is actually a subsidiary of the Bayer Aspirin Pharmaceutical Company.)

Our four Korean blanket manufacturers, in turn, use the best available acrylic in Korea. Companies like “Golden Bear”, “Solaron”” and “Wonu” by far and away make the best blankets in all of Korean.

THROW.inddIn a nutshell, you simply will not believe how soft, cuddly and beautiful our mink blankets are! Other than our lines, no other blanket lines that we know of can compare in either softness or beauty, much less having both qualities in the same line. When you look at our colors and designs, all comparison stops. See for yourself.

Most all other mink blankets from Korea cannot compare. The San Marcos or Novatex blankets from Mexico cannot compare. Neither can the blankets from Ibena, Biederlack, or Fingerhut compare to our mink blankets in overall softness, washibility, beauty, colors, designs, or quality.

As a side note, many of our mink blankets will actually feel softer once they have been washed. this is especially true of our blankets with the German “Dralon” acrylic in them. Some blanket manufacturers apply a starch-like substance known as “sizing” to the acrylic to facilitate the manufacturing process. Washing removes this substance, leaving a softer blanket!


New Zealand / Australian Naturally Shaped Sheepskin Rugs and Bedspreads

Sheepskin-2PeltNEW-250wAdd a Touch of Elegance and Quality to any Setting

Sheepskin rugs and bedspreads can not only add a sense of elegance and luxuriousness to any setting, but they can also provide that “special intrigue” like few other products can.

Who hasn’t envisioned a romantic evening in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night, snuggling up on a luxurious fur rug?

Sheepskin-LargeBedspread-RugAustralia and New Zealand: Sheep Capital of the World!

Our sheepskin rugs and bedspreads come from either New Zealand or Australia, unquestionably the sheep capital of the world. New Zealand alone has over 60 million sheep, ten for every man, woman, and child in the country!

Through a combination of soil, climate, and unique sheep breeding techniques, sheepskins from this region are known to be the thickest, softest, and most luxurious in the world!

Australian and New Zealand Sheepskins are the Finest In The World

Most of the technological advances in sheepskin manufacturing over the past century have come from Australia and New Zealand. Using stringent quality control, only premium pelts are selected among the millions made available from the food industry. Each sheepskin is then put through a unique forty-two-step process which the company has been perfecting for the past one hundred twenty years! This unique process involves a series of finishing and polishing steps that result in sheepskin wool of unparalleled softness!

These sheepskins are then skillfully matched for size and color to produce the softest, thickest, most luxurious sheepskin rugs and bedsteads found anywhere!

Every one of these spectacular pieces is at least 2 1/2 inches thick. Lying or sitting on one of these breathtaking rugs is truly an unforgettable experience.

SheepskinGroovedGeometric-190hThe Softest, Thickest and Most Luxurious Sheepskins Rugs in the World

Australian and New Zealand sheepskins are quite simply the softest, thickest and most luxurious of all sheepskins. You simply will not believe how great these sheepskin rugs and bedspreads feel when lying or sitting on one. They truly are indescribable!

They are so thick that you can actually sleep on the floor with one! Not only do they feel good, they actually will provide soothing relief to tired, aching muscles. Many people say that they can feel tension disappear while lying on one of these sheepskin rugs.

(As a side note, our dentist often puts two of our four piece sheepskin rugs on top of each other, lays them on the floor and sleeps on them whenever his back hurts from bending over all day!)

For complete care instructions, please click on the “Product Care” link in the navigational bar.


Handcrafted South American Sheepskin Rugs and Wall Hangings

These exquisite, handcrafted sheepskin rugs come from the high peaks of the Andes Mountains in South America. The soft, beautiful sheepskin rugs that you see here come from merino sheep that live in this land of mystery and enchantment.

Handmade by World Renowned Craftsmen

Each one of these magnificent sheepskin rugs is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade (no two are exactly the same) by some of Bolivia’s finest leather craftsmen, some of whom are actual descendants of the ancient Inca Indian civilization.

From generation to generation, these world-renowned craftsmen have continued to perfect this art of fur crafting. As a result, collectors and decorators the world over seek them out for their incomparable quality and exquisite beauty.

These handcrafted sheepskin rugs make for ideal accent rugs, fireplace rugs or wall hangings. They will also make one of the most unusual gifts you or you loved ones have ever received.

By-products of the Food Industry

*All of our sheepskin fur rugs are either by-products of the food industry or have come from animals that have died naturally. None of our products ever come from animals that have been killed strictly for the fur or wool.