Natural Cowhide Antler Ottoman

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This 36″ diameter ottoman features gracefully curved antler accents, reclaimed wood construction, and a natural cowhide top. Free Shipping within the Continental USA!

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Creating a rustic look for your home is a great way to set your residence apart from the stale, cold style of modern decorating. By filling your house with cowhide and antler furniture, your family and guests will feel more welcome, comfortable and warmer.

The cowhides and antler furniture from Home Decor International is built to last for decades. Our chairs, ottomans, benches, lamps and stools are constructed with the highest-quality cowhides and antlers, with a level of craftsmanship you normally only see on display in the homes of the super-wealthy.

All of the cowhides that we use for our furniture come strictly from milk and beef cattle, and are processed by the finest tanneries in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, South America. We can fit each piece with a custom hide that is cut and colored to your specifications. We can also custom make you an ottoman to any size specification, giving you a personal, one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe that furniture should be as functional as it is good-looking.

As a result, all of our furniture is not only great looking but also comfortable to sit on and use in your house. They’re also easy to clean, as you’ll be able to remove most “spills” or dirt, simply by using a sponge with soap and water.

Whether you’re looking for pieces that match a cowhide rug that you already have, or you’re hoping to “make over” your home to give it a more natural aesthetic look, it’s hard to beat the beauty and elegance of our cowhides ottomans, antler chairs and furniture. Instead of purchasing nondescript furniture from a store that cares little about how a piece holds up once it’s out the door, invest in a chair, ottoman or lamp that is so durable, it will become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.